A capillary- based device consisting of thin X-ray transparent capillary attached to a 3D-printed base

Picture of product Serial FloX Cell

Serial X flow-cell (Serial FloXcell) is a capillary- based device consisting of thin X- ray transparent capillary attached to a 3D-printed base suited for mounting magnetically to a goniometer of a synchrotron beamline.

Serial FloXcell is used in serial crystallography, solutional scattering and spectroscopic studies.

Once a Serial FloXcell is mounted to the goniometer magnet, samples can be delivered to the X-ray using a syringe-pump setup and the data from continuously flowing sample are collected from within the capillary.

Serial FloXcell is compatible with a range of catchers designed to orient in different directions based on the alignment of goniometer magnet. Some catchers are integrated with holders for fiber-optic cables for conducting light- illumination experiments.

Several combinations of accessories are available with Serial FloXcell for easy installation and utility in labs and synchrotrons.