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Serial X AB is a biotech- start up based at Gothenburg (Sweden). Serial X AB aims to design, develop and commercialize easy-to-handle and economical sample- delivery devices for serial crystallography. 


Serial X is a portfolio company of GU Ventures which is a university-run incubator that builds businesses out of groundbreaking ideas that help shape a better tomorrow.


Our vision is to find innovative solutions for crystallography. We make products and platforms, and provide services, that could lower the barrier for non-expert users of serial synchrotron crystallography in any radiation facility around the world.


Serial FloXcell

Serial X flow-cell (Serial FloXcell) is a capillary- based device consisting of thin X- ray transparent capillary attached to a 3D-printed base suited for mounting magnetically to a goniometer of a synchrotron beamline.

Serial FiX

Serial X fixed-target platform (Serial FiX) is an all-in-one platform for high- throughput protein crystallization, crystal observation, crystal transportation and X-ray diffraction data-collection.

Picture of Product Serial MiX
Serial MiX

Serial X mixing flow-cell (Serial MiX) is a modified version of Serial FloXcell with internal designs suited for efficient mixing of protein crystals (or solutions) with ligands.

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