Picture of Per Börjesson

Tell about where you live and your work title right now.

I currently live with my fiancée and two cats in Mölndal, Sweden. I work for Serial X AB as a Technical Developer.

Why did you choose to work in/for Serial X?

After I finished my PhD I decided that I wanted to divert away from academia and branch out into industry. As I had been part of founding Serial X AB, and had skills that could help the company, it felt like a fun opportunity to take part of the early journey of the company.

What are you going to do in Serial X AB?

I am going to design and develop Serial X products as well as  facilitate the step between a finished product and a product ready to be sold. I will make sure that production and shipping goes as intended, and later I will likely also take part in outreach and  promotion of our products.

How would working in a start-up benefit you?

Working in a startup is an exciting opportunty since it allows one to see the whole picture in a way that you wouldnt be able to in a bigger company. You get to take part and shape the future of the company in a very evident way which is an experience that I believe could benefit me in vast array of future situations, positions, and employments. 

What are your expectations and vision for the company?

My hope is that Serial X AB will be able to grow as a company that can stand on its own and help facilitate scientific progress.



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