Serial FiX

An all-in-one platform for high- throughput protein 
and X-ray diffraction X-ray diffraction data-collection.

Picture of product Serial Fix

Serial X fixed-target platform (Serial FiX) is an all-in-one platform for high- throughput protein crystallization, crystal observation, crystal transportation and X-ray diffraction data-collection.

Serial FiX is used for hanging-drop crystallization and compatible with 96-well plates from Greiner and Trueline, which could be found in almost all crystallography laboratories.

Serial FiX casettes are available alongwith the platform for packing and shipment of sandwiched chips to overseas synchrotrons at humidifying and room – temperature conditions.

Once crystals are obtained on the Serial FiX plate, they could be easily detached to make a single-chip sandwich and clipped on a Serial X holder that could be magnetically mounted on a synchrotron goniometer.

Serial FiX is applicable for in-situ crystallography of single- crystals as well serial crystallography using micro-crystals at a synchrotron source.